• hainak 47w

    Dear Papa
    I know I've been making your days hard.I don't study and I'm busy in social media.i waste your money on useless things.
    I know that I don't respect elders.
    I know I always argue with you.
    I don't get up in time.
    You always worry why I'm failing in exams.
    You always worry I don't eat well.
    My mood always changes.
    I remember few weeks I slapped you.Because you were shouting at me.Later,i realised that all these years,i was wrong.I regret slapping you.I kept hurting my hand.You must be thinking how can my daughter slap me.that night,i didn't sleep well.I was crying.And I know you too was crying that night.I realised that whaterver you do,is for my own good.My soul was constantly telling me to apologize.Im sorry papa.
    Being a teenager,I request you to forget me.I promise you,from now onwards I will be a good girl.And one day,i'll prove you that I'm a good daughter.Love you pa
    -Yours lovingly
    Naughty Daughter