• asrafiya_ 6w

    She is a cancerian.. ��

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    That crazy little Cancerian..

    A bit old of the soul..
    No wonder she had to play hell of the roles..

    Sweet sensitive and full of life as she was called..
    Very few of people she would let into her world crawl..

    Love to the end was still her belief..
    In this world full of chaos.. she always managed to have her relief..

    She loved with all her heart..
    Infedility happened then.. and she knew she need to do it from the start..

    She carried starts in her eyes..
    And fire in her soul..
    Yet she managed to be that water..
    That tends to flow..

    Her sign is water that seems to be beautiful and calm..
    But don't get confused she can be a tsunami and get your's life on alarm..