• officer_chogwu 5w

    My Watch

    I left, they saw me leave
    They held me tight but seemed not to be able to restrain me
    I left easily and swiftly

    I saw them, all of them
    Nanny, Cornelia, Thompson and Ben
    I saw me dressed in that attire I bought from the store in the alley

    They had bended head, arms folded to their breasts
    were all on dark shades.
    Little Nanny was elated
    Seemingly, as I was

    Why were they so in anguish
    I'm still here, just not where they can see
    I now have abilities,
    I can travel like light
    I don't need a change of clothes
    I don't need to bath and clean my teeth
    I don't even seem to be hungry for days now, wow!

    But Cornelia is sad, I tried touching or talking to her,
    I seemed to pass through her
    She couldn't hear my voice
    She seemed to only feel I was there

    Is this the hurt they feel?
    So what should this feeling be
    Where on earth am I? Or
    In heaven?
    I never believed that shit.
    It's not scientific

    I think all I can be sure of is that
    My watch just ended.