• baby_native 5w

    I'll leave a message

    I've tried and tried but it still fails
    This call comes to a halt
    Each time they put me through voice mails
    But I'll leave a message
    I don't mean to make this your fault
    On the contrary, saying this means a lot
    I can't recall how much tears rolled down my cheeks
    Because I was busy trying to catch yours
    And each time I try leaving
    Its those tears again because I end up weeping
    I know what you think but I'm not a weakling
    What am I even saying....I don't believe me
    Some play the instruments but not as much as I play my pen
    So in a sec I'll like to summarize this in ten
    Its beautiful when you look past the masses
    But how to manage US wasn't taught in my classes
    Poetry is my medicine
    I'll risk it to get this in
    If I ever said I was fine
    Know that I had died inside
    And I needed to get through
    Knowing all of this is true
    Just on the start
    You had my heart
    Even though it was a rush
    I suppose that's why its called a crush
    But its time to stop crying
    Its even time to stop trying
    For today and a century
    It ends in a memory.