• mohammedjunaidkhan 4w

    No, those aren't my kids

    Bombs explode, buildings turn into rubble,
    Well to me, its not at all a trouble,

    I am staying miles away,
    Why should I think about it and spoil my day?

    Thinking of those unfortunate people who are paying for their deeds,
    I am not bothered, those aren't my kids.

    Why should I care if they aren't having any food,
    Its none of my business, I won't spoil my mood,

    They should work for their familes needs, they should provide,
    Rather than saying we're having war in our country and from their duties they should hide,

    The way we work hard and feed our children, they should also feed,
    I am not bothered, those aren't my kids.

    Their parents are the one who are buried in rubble,
    When I see their crying pictures and videos, I feel so troubled,

    I am staying miles away,
    But for their safety, life and betterment I will surely pray,

    My eyes get flooded with tears when I see them bleed,
    I am really bothered, though they aren't my kids.