• christopher_s 9w

    The Cinders of Love

    Once a fire arrogantly tall,
    Standing against even rain,
    Too sure it'd never fall,
    Once thought too big to contain,
    We'd add log after log,
    As each season would pass,
    It'd diminish even fog,
    Not knowing it was as fragile as glass,
    Yet nonetheless the flames stay,
    Even as they shrink,
    To this very day I'd never let it pass away,
    That's something I could never think,
    You've stopped adding fuel,
    I almost did too,
    I know I was the fool,
    So I can't blame you,
    I'd wavered and failed,
    Tried to atone,
    Our love had not prevailed,
    But a piece of me still can't leave you alone,
    So now that your gone,
    I travel alone today,
    To stop by the stone,
    In which our cinders lay