• marhabawrites 10w

    Happiest of all birthdays to you my beloved, After searching my phone gallery a lot I realised that I have lost a pic in which we both were a part of it.Hence is this late post.Still tangling on to what I have left to say, I shall begin with how you the person influenced me to a large extent in my path of passion.I vaguely or does not at all remember how we became intimate .I don't think "how we became friends" will suit here because we never showed the characteristics of besties outside, but I am damn sure that there is something more in our bond, even more than a friendship.I literally don't know how to define it.I have a very few people in my circle who actually take time to read my works.Among them,I am not at all sure whether any of them would read everything I write.People often say that my works are mostly long that they often hesitate to read.All these doesn't shake me because, I know that there is one person who does that. WHEREVER YOU ARE, WHENEVER YOU CAN, HOWEVER ILL YOU ARE, YOU ARE ONE PERSON,THE ONLY PERSON WHO READS MY PIECE OF ART.I don't think you have skipped any of my articles, even if you have I am still happy because you are honoured with a title for the person who has read the most of all my works.Our collaborations were so special to me,it did help make my day at times.It's true that me being a writer can't help exaggerating stuffs.But honestly in the name of god I promise that nothing written here is simply for name sake not for showing off in front of anyone but this comes from the core of my heart,I promise a hundred times.May be the reader in you might feel it deep inside when you read this, I hope and pray even if no one understands.Instead of a personal message I chose to write this way because I wish people knew how you mean to me.You are my love when you correctly interpret my words.Isn't it that way you interpret my heart?On this day, I see that the writer in you has already become stable and magnificent.I remember how you were when I first told you to post your words.You were a little hesitant then.But now I am utmost sure that you are in state to receive the best of compliments and applaud for your words.When I read them, I see in you a great writer who is capable of conquering the world of poetry which exists today.You can for sure , build a new pathway to adore yourself by scribbling .I am waiting for that.Nextly when I started with "happiest of all birthdays" I know I am purposefully adding that because what has struck us is not a silly thing.Yet,This time it's your turn to make your birthday even more happier than those which passed by, by increasing your potential improving your mind set and convincing yourself by believing that Life has now offered you one more pretty chance to elevate your being .We are all humans, it's common that we all forget what god has bestowed upon us.His blessings.When we tend to forget,Life puts in front of us a test to remind us that we are capable of overcoming it.The test might be difficult, but once you overcome you will realise that it was an opportunity for growth.Life shouldn't be default without losing, it should be your design.It should not be a by chance success, it should be choice of success.Our bond again I don't know how to say but when I think of it I am again happy that you are one of my greatest gains on earth.May the almighty include you among the righteous and guide you without going astray.
    Love and prayers