• thasleemanazrin 10w

    The politics of menstrual blood

    The impure blood came from the uterus, flow through the vagina is always a matter of disgust to many irrespective of any time period. That blood as a result of the monthly biological circle is strong enough to touch the so called social sphere in many ways. At least every religion and people from most cultures are so united and eager to state the impure nature of menstrual blood.

    It is very funny to see that along with that blood how each woman who carries that blood becomes impure and untouchable. No religion welcome women with menstrual blood to carry any of its rituals or any related practices. Even the fear of menstrual blood can make some college authorities so panic so that they have to check the under wears of their students. That blood is strong enough to make other family members impure when they are about to carry some religious practices. I envy the period blood that it got so much power to keep people away from those women. Even every door of a religious institution is welcome for rapists, murders, terrorist, but not for a bleeding woman.

    But what makes me little puzzled is that no religion asked women to stay from household work that time. As usual women have to do all the cooking, cleaning, washing and other duties without any fail but strictly no spiritual work. May be because even the god is very disgust of that blood. May be. The god must be crazy to create women creatures with a uterus and then to make laws to keep them away from god itself because they own a uterus with impurity. What if it means the god itself can impure himself/ herself by creating something like a uterus with menstrual blood. Yeah! The god must be crazy....

    Then let's make a deal out of it. I really support all those one who believes in this impurity thing. So together with keeping away from religious rituals, can we remove this impure group from all household works. So that we don't have to eat food made from such impure hands. Why we want to allow such impure women folks to clean our houses. Let's do it with our pure hands. And children. Our children who came from another impure blood. But it's okay. Take care of them when your wife is bleeding. So thus let's remove all those bleeding women from such works and to keep things pure and sacred. Each woman by keeping their impure body of all sacred things, they will get a one week holiday each month. Big sacrifice right. But it's okay. Let's bring this to practice.