• preecethemasterpiece 5w

    WRONG SIGNALS (That's not it)

    He calls me more often and I feel we are ideal
    She smiles at me every time we meet I bet that is real
    Wrong signals that's not it

    He enjoys my company and its beginning to get to my attention
    She rarely says its late when we are together I bet its affection
    Wrong signals that's not it

    He helps me do my assignments and write project reports I wonder why that gesture towards me
    She introduced me to her elder sister as a friend and she gave her my line incase her's is off she can call me
    Wrong signals that's not it

    He calls me sweetheart and I like it he probably has caught feelings
    She has saved me as" Preece bae"
    Maybe we are dating in silence
    Wrong signals that's not it

    Don't pre-empt what you don't confirm are you dumb?
    Always know what's going on?
    Who's caught feelings?
    Are we going out?
    Don't imagine what's not the case
    All these are wrong signals that's not it
    Please ask to know ,that's why people are breaking up even without actually dating all because of wrong signals