• _unheard_whispers_ 11w

    Every song 
    I listen to
    drives me down
    our memory lane.

    You frisking alone at the carouse
    and I too had an overdose of tequila
    "Will you dance with me?"
    I prompted nervously.

    You bestowing me your hand
    being a clear indication
    was our first tequila dance
    which I still cherish.

    Matching our tunes
    just in the first dance,
    I wished to sync in with you
    for the rest of my life too.

    Your eyes had cast a
    magical spell on me.
    I did fall for you
    for a lifetime or two.

    Under the moonlight
    on our dark, nasty terrace
    we used to dance
    as if no one was watching us.

    Playing any song,
    we had our steps set
    Me falling in your arms
    and you looking at me; phenomenally.

    Though our steps
    did not match
    the rythm of the music,
    our hearts did synchronise well!

    I still search for you
    in every bit
    of the lyrics
    in every single song played.

    I secretly wish
    we meet for the last time
    just to have our
    farewell dance and
    some tequila shots together!