• nkesichi 9w

    Akonte! Akonte!!
    How many times are you called?
    Sit at my footstool
    And listen the words as they come out of my mouth.

    As a female,
    It is your duty to fight and conquer your world.
    Destroy to imprint your name
    You have to create landmarks and get all land in Africa.

    My child,
    It is said the female gender should be quiet.
    I ask,
    Why be quiet when you are full of mouth?

    Stand up!
    Fend for you and your daughters
    And your sisters and your mothers.
    They said they don't need defense
    See how helpless they look!
    Make your own footprints
    And lead
    For the path of leadership
    Is ours to take as women

    We are our daughters future!