• sunenasharma 6w

    Not finding words to describe,
    What my heart is feeling right now,
    In just few months,
    You came into my life,
    Showered me with your love and affection,
    And I always used to question myself
    Was I actually this worth?

    I suffered with depression for years,
    Countless scars from past still haunt me,
    And today I am happy that I lived
    Through all this to meet a gem like you
    The first time we did a Collab
    I was in awe of your brilliant writing
    I became your fan with the ease
    You would write on any genre so amazingly
    Through you I came close to Jaya and Kini
    And we built our own family
    3 sisters and our little brother!

    When you made my first ever roast
    Which was actually a dedication
    I laughed my heart out that day
    Like a child, jumping in happiness and excitement I showed it to my mom, sis and friends
    Everyone loved it and I was on cloud nine

    And today,
    I am like, he came into my life
    Loved me more than those with whom I am surrounded
    Gave me happiness for lifetime cherishment
    And now..just left me like this
    I cried and cried and still crying
    My filmy bro,
    You actually lived a big life
    Proud of you and love you indefinitely
    I am not that good enough
    That you praised me with
    But I will surely try to be atleast close
    To what you thought me to be

    Thank you for all the smiles, laughs and emotional times
    Love you indefinitely
    May your soul rest in peace
    Yours Su/Halwai/Dew Drop Di

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    Love you indefinitely