• chirasree11 22w

    I don't know why I couldn't love you but you left me in an epitome of jeopardy. I don't what were those questions hovering my mind when I let you go because you deserved better.Something inside of me whispered to me that letting you go could transform both of our realities, mine out of my ego and yours out of the delusion. I didn't ever want to give you hope but I knew we had to part to let you perhaps understand the magic of love. Beyond all the atrocities , you left me speechless, to know to love again and to heal an inner fever. I had to accept what I was scared to reveal to you. But you will be much happier in your grounding delusion with a lot of joy and in a dream like reality .I walked into your life to let you kill my fears and you walked into my life to let me rekindle in you the idea that you deserve to be loved. I let you go and still remain attached , in each other's inspirations and understanding. I know you strangely know it and you are smiling for the golden heart you wear on your sleeves. My last words to you shall be asking you to protect them for right aura to love it and nurture it. I will love you the way you will in a gigantic silence of bizzare indulgent, gruesome and faded epiphany of feeling no more pain but a smile to captivate your youthfulness again. You have resurrected out now of my glue sticking drains of oriental searches , coming to be in sublimation within my inner periphery.