• sessugh 6w

    Dark nights

    We called it home but then it is a grave yard
    We thought we are safe here but then our lives demanded all the time
    The people meant to look out for us actually create our downfall
    We watched as days go on and nights fell
    In the midst of it was silence our amor
    To live on you have to shuuu
    We are not meant to be heard because it became a taboo
    We fell into dark nights without words

    Blood became the signet of the land
    Blood of the innocent
    We cry in silence for our dear once
    We took a bold step to stand for our beloved
    Our blood was wasted like we never mattered
    We unified in our voices
    But despite the struggle we've entered a night season
    These are dark nights

    The land cry for the wrong being done
    The clouds are dark
    The earth mourn for the wickedness of men
    These dark nights are lonely
    We seek a country
    We seek a home
    We seek a place where we could call our own
    Dark nights dark nights
    Nights full of fears
    Nights full of pains
    Nights full of sorrow