• khushi_rb 5w

    A message for orphans from their parents

    Dear child,
    Sorry, we brought you in this world but left before you could open your eyes to see its scenario..
    Sorry, we just watched you from heaven but couldn't care you like other parents do so..
    Sorry, we saw you walking alone but couldn't hold your hand and make walk through your life..
    Sorry, we watched tears full of eyes but couldn't wipe it for except crying ourselves..
    Sorry we saw you working hard but couldn't be with you in your hard times..

    We are proud..
    Proud not for that we left you alone.
    Proud for achievement you achieved alone.

    You defeated the world and really twinkled
    like a diamond being in mines of coal..

    But sorry we left you alone.
    But sorry we left you alone.
    ©Sudhir Mahato