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    Just wanted to highlight a point, all boys are not the same due to some people, all boys should not be blamed

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    In a dark night full of silence
    After a long night shift a girl was going to her residence,
    The road was covered with fog
    She could only hear a howling dog
    Thoughts ran in her mind
    She was searching for an auto but unable to find
    She was on the road all alone
    She thought of calling her family and searched for her phone
    To her surprise the battery was dead
    Too much distance was yet to be covered ahead
    Suddenly she saw a stranger
    She got so feared as she thought she was in danger
    The stranger followed her all the way
    At last she stoped and shouted at him to go away and slapped him
    The stranger was a good man and he smiled and said
    "Dont worry madam i m helping u u need not to afraid "
    He dropped her safely to her residence
    That day the girl reaslised that there are still some good people in existence