• thehappysoul_soma 23w

    Can u

    Can u see the pain in my eyes
    Can u utter something good
    Can u still support me
    When I needed u the most
    The pain of something I can't do
    The pain which I want to do great
    The pain each time when I always got steeped back and cry
    Can anyone help..Can u still support..
    When I got tooo much pebbles on me from life
    Yes I lost ,i lost hope
    I lost patience and lost everything
    But something still left is
    Desire to do great is still inside
    Can anyone will provide me enthusiasm
    Can I get help from someone
    Will u really help ?????
    When I needed u the most .. .when I tried to disappear but yes I cry ...becozz I do have heart and feeling
    I don't know don't know why people forget it .....I do is human. .