• mystique_charm 6w

    Saw him after 3 years.
    Got to talking.
    Was surprised to see how our interests were similar.
    Held my breath at his manners.
    Reminded me of why I had fallen for him years back.
    Had forgotten it. Had forgotten them all.
    His charms had not faded at all.
    Our chemistry was still alive.
    We started reminiscing the good times, my eyes started twinkling.
    Started wondering, 'Why the hell are we not together?'
    But soon started to see it.
    Had forgotten it. Had forgotten them all.
    The twinkle in my eye died.
    It was a trap, a vicious trap.
    Never get into it, for there is a reason for the end.
    Finally after some time, said our farewells and parted ways.
    I left with a warm smile.
    Was good to see him after so long.
    And that was all.