• __adyasha__ 9w

    A girl named love.

    There was once a girl 
    Who dreamed of a 
    World where love would 
    Grow like vines of gold.
    Where she could always
    Find a hand to hold 
    And a way to drive away
    The dark corners of 
    Her broken soul.

    She left a trail of blossoms
    Every time she walked the 
    Path that was laid with thorns,
    Letting go of the 
    Gown of sins she adorned.

    Her eyes could tell 
    She was dying,
    For it had transformed
    Into a pale frayed 
    Fabric of gloom.

    Her feet didn’t stop
    For she longed for the
    Happiness she sought.

    As she burned down
    To ashes from the 
    Fire of her beliefs,
    She called herself love,
    Who was let down 
    By the foul plays 
    Of a world where she
    Never belonged.

    ~ Adyasha


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    A girl named love