• ananyaaaa 22w

    Beautiful - Until I believed I wasn't
    Those dreadful nights took over
    I woke up with a wonderful morning.
    Scared to look at the mirror ,But realised beauty wasn't limited what mirror showed . Tried to fit my tummy in those sexy dresses, But realised kurta and saree was the most elegant one.From watching make up tutorials .Till realising I looked great without it ! Always wondered what if he thinks I ain't beautiful,And then realising I was beautiful just the way I was .If also I was ugly ,.I realised, it never actually affected me. Because I was happy just the way I was .
    I realised beauty isn't confined to a perfect body ,Beauty is accepting your so called best friend "pimples" .Beauty is accepting your scars .Beauty is accepting your past.
    Beauty is accepting yourself who you're .
    And when you accept yourself as you're.You will fall in love with the most amazing person .
    To the world that is confined to criticism ,
    Outer beauty, hatred , jealousy , violence, racism .
    Remember the definition of beauty is you
    , Wether you be skinny , fat , brown , black , white .
    Fall for yourself.