• sumedha23 10w

    Friendship is the only relation that can only be cherished and never be regretted...

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    My friend,
    Will we ever meet again with
    that charm in the eyes,
    True Hellos are a bit formal
    I want those crooked lies.
    Will we ever call each other
    with those weird names,
    Will we ever have useless fights
    And those funny pointless blames.
    Will you ever make me eat
    with your hands when I'm busy
    Will you ever be my pillow again
    You know nah I'm lazy.
    Those songs which we sang
    aren't too old to sing again
    Whatever bonded us so strong
    I want that thing again.
    I know we are too far now
    Even the feelings seem as stranger
    But when you return to me
    Those memories only,
    I want you to bring again.