• debbyibia 10w


    I wish I could tell what you're doing,
    what you're thinking.
    How you're faring?
    We used to talk like bone-bone
    You use to tell me everything you did
    You made me feel special and loved
    And just when I began to allow myself love again
    You stopped returning texts
    I miss hours of video call, talking about nothing but everything
    I miss the goodnight kiss you blew to me over the phone
    I miss our late night dirty chats
    I'm lost, wondering what went wrong
    I miss you
    You've updated your status twice but you have no time to reply my messages
    Was it a fling? No
    Did I do something wrong? I can't tell
    Did I say something that scared you away, I only can wonder
    It's like you climb up a mountain with me
    And left me there, I can't climb down
    You certainly can't run away from me
    When everything falls back in to place and I can see you again
    I'll demand my explanation
    Thinking about you makes me cry and sometimes leaves me hopelessly horny
    You'll have to tell me what went wrong
    I deserve an explanation