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    UnSaid ~ When it comes to motivation don't look behind the shrubs. People will eventually leave you at any point of time and you will find yourself broken and shaken. And be the motivator of your self. Tell lies to please your soul , when you feel low . And when you are high , supress and be accountable , be the true what you are. This is how you will steer the coarse of your life peacefully.

    When it comes to motivation,
    He says I am best at it. (He is Me)

    No matter what comes out of challenges,
    that i face and overcome.

    I know where i am , i am true to my innerman.

    I see the mirror and when i ask it what you are,
    He becomes the best replier for my good and evil.

    I become accountable to only One , who is the designer (Allah) and I never crave for the people's say. They do call me differently from their perspectives but i know i am the wiser.

    And once I get riddance from the low, i opress my inner pride that no you are still not that much better , you deserve to be.

    Thus i crave for the betterment , i want to be better ,
    every second , in every aspect and everywhere.

    Post : These blessful lines are shared by one of the renowned Kashmiri poet Dr. Shifa. I admire the thoughts reflected in his poetry. Therefore I share...

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    Me , the motivator .


    بہٕ ماژٕ کریل میہ ہیش کانہہ لوکٕٹ نہٕ ذات شفا
    مگر ہہ بالہ تھزر چھس ونداں بہ کھوربانس .

    “No living being in this universe is as worthless and small as I am,
    But still the height of that mountain my foot, taller I am.”

    ©Dr. Shifa.