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    Family beyond blood

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    When he was a CADET

    I have seen me innumerably,
    Walking across the grounds,
    I have seen myself in the PT Rig,
    When I had ambitions in my eyes so Big.
    I remember the salutes,
    I remember wearing those boots.
    I remember having mess meal,
    I remember standing in sick line without being I'll.
    I remember giving assembly speech on turn,
    I miss my seniors who did more than just to teach.
    I remember having petty fight,
    The fight that made our bond so tight.
    I remember RAGDA night,
    And the interhouse spirit to show their might.
    I miss having late night party,
    Dancing with my brothers so hearty.
    My brothers by my side while we broke some rules.
    Dear alma mater I remember my last day,
    It felt as it was the end of my favorite play.
    I remember walking out of the gate,
    The list time I was called a CADET