• varsha_sudhakar 25w

    Being a girl

    I lay alone in a long isolated island...
    Thinking what was wrong with me!
    Was it something I did or the way I behaved?
    Clueless and in confusion, I was still there gathering all the pieces of me!
    My feet felt the cold breeze of winter,
    And my heart felt the pain!
    I wanted to be this ideal girl,
    But in vain!
    Trust me, it's hard to live with these tags.
    Why were people so interested about my life?
    Was it because I was too quick to react or
    Was it because the gender biasing I lacked?
    Why ,everything I did seemed so wrong to them?
    Being expressive doesn't make me less of a girl!
    But then I realized, what if the problem wasn't with me?
    The problem was the people's wrong notion!
    The problem was their long book of rules on how should a women be.
    Which was never updated or changed!
    And only then, I gathered up all the courage,
    To fight back, to live ,to laugh and to love!
    Irrespective of the people's opinion,
    Because you know who you are and that is enough!
    To define you as a person,
    And to redefine yourself if necessary!