• halfburntcigs 46w

    The violet sky had cast a spell....
    For the orchids bloomed on the ground above hell...
    She looked at me like I was the only one alive...
    She looked at me like a queen bee looking at her hive.
    Her sparkly brown eyes made me shiver...
    They reminded me of the soil that runs across the river.
    It stays there for a while,wasting it's time.
    Waiting for the currents and waiting for a rhyme.
    I should've known back then ...
    That there was nothing permanent about her.
    I should've known back then...
    That I was spiralling inwards in the never ending void.
    I let my guards down and showed her my vulnerability .
    I trusted her with my flaws and all other gravity.
    I looked at something so timed with the blinkers of forever.
    I did a mistake which I embraced only later.
    She left like the night without a word,without a whisper.
    She tiptoed her way out of my heart and its chambers.
    I realised how temporary she was to leave me permanently.
    I realised such a fool I was to give in her voodoo.
    She could never be mine for she was a shooting star in my sky.
    I was late to make a wish and she disappeared within fractions that night.
    I knew I was wrong to be right.
    I still enjoy the view of my night sky.
    I don't look for her in any faces.
    As I do not know which facade was less faded.
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