• theia_00_ 6w

    The Best One

    I know I leave too much at the mercy of my luck,
    at the mercy of my destiny or what you can call fate.
    I know I care too much about the little things
    that happen to me on a daily basis.
    I know I love too much when I should just distance myself from all the possibilities of having a golden future.
    I know I talk too much when I should just be quiet and hear myself breathe to reassure myself of my existence.
    But hey, we're not perfect, nobody is.
    We're all a million pieces of what is called as cosmosly.
    Each of us hand picked. Just like each of spell things differently.
    I always write 'peace' where I have to write 'piece'.
    I always write judgement with an extra 'e'
    Sure, I like it that way.
    Shakespeare wrote a million things differently,
    Vincent painted himself differently every time he did.
    But whenever the question is about love, I think we all have a similar idea. The Best One.