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    Day before yesterday I felt a desire to watch a INDIAN movie and I decided let me give a chance to hindi movies and scrolled the library of the year 2019 and saw some hit movies in the streaming platform and suddenly MY EYES GOT STRUCK ON THE MOVIE THACKERAY. I read about the movie and knew that it was about the SHIVSENA FOUNDER BAL KESHAV THACKERAY and I felt should I watch that movie because from my childhood school days and those who are present in different parts of the country knew that LOTS OF NEGATIVE NEWS SPARKED ABOUT THIS PERSON AND HIS ASSOCIATION SHIV SENA SANGATHAN and to be clear even I USE TO FEEL FRIGHTENED HEARING ABOUT HIS NEWS FROM THE NEWSPAPER ARTICLES WHICH USE TO COCK LOTS OF DISHES USING HIS WAYS OF DEALING CRIME AND THE PEAK REACHED ITS HEIGHTS WHEN HE WAS INVOLVED IN THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL BABRI MASJID DISPUTE. But after watching his movie now I realised HOW THE PERSON WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR RESTORING THE MARATHI PEOPLE AND THEIR RIGHTS IN HIS OWN MOTHER STATE. The only thing that put me to the point of confusion was that CARTOON VIDEO THAT GETS PLAYED IN THE FIRST ENTRY LEVEL OF THE MOVIE ABOUT THE CONDITION OF MARATHI COMMUNITY IN IT'S OWN STATE.