• maxwel 9w

    They ask for war,you use strategies
    They pull out a gun; what makes you think they won't shoot when you try to retaliate..
    They have been waiting to eliminate
    Why give them the chance to anticipate and eradicate
    We determine the outcome of the characters we portray in our own stories
    But it's just a one-third of the outcome out of 10
    The system has already been set
    What data are you willing to upload in it??
    I wouldn't call a fight I'm not prepared for
    Homie would say *I won't give up without a fight*
    But what would you have changed when your battles ended up in suicide
    You want to be heard through your megaphones
    But all they see is your skin tone
    There's a solution to every problem
    If there ain't any it's just a mind that's fixed with bad data and set to stationary
    Minds can change
    Though we ain't God but He did not respond to the hate they gave
    If a Father can change so much
    Why can't His sons and daughter