• ritvik_tuteja 5w

    The Self Assured Lady

    A delicate darling to her family
    For her well being are they always looking
    She can be termed an extrovert social
    Baring exceptions, she has no time for conversation
    Her near and dear for her would give it all
    She's emotionally blessed to have them by her
    Focussed on making a legacy of her own
    She commenced her little private start-up

    A family girl before anything exterior
    She lives up to being the perfect daughter
    Her ups and downs are of a kind, it's own
    Yet to battle them shes never alone
    Focussed on accomplishing tasks in hand
    And then investing time to self enhance
    With educational qualifications up her sleeve
    In engagement, her soon to be groom did she seek

    Life's a journey, one of a kind
    For her the special part is soon to unwind
    As she plans & visualizes what's next
    She lives for oneself in complete zest