• stillhopefull 5w

    Trying to walk in a positive light
    When all is darkness and negativity is the devils delight
    Pushing through the sludge of the day
    My heart is broken at what my mind has to say
    As I swim through these seas of emotion
    My spirit gasps at the thundering commotion
    When will a new life be mine to begin
    Who needs to seek to be forgiven
    I once heard squeals of delight in their laughter
    Now all is gone, how is it that my ego has grown fatter
    I once looked into eyes that sparkled and smiled
    Now my depression has grown and I am like one of the wild
    There were once dirty hands and faces to wash to clean
    Whispered voices that cried and told me that I was mean
    I once had a family and home
    I once was sure of His truth and my spirit didn't moan
    Now I have no family I've lost my home
    His love I can not find
    I have become imprisoned to memory I can no longer define
    These are the tears that I have shed
    I am one of the walking dead
    There is no blame to be cast yet still I can only live in my past
    Where is the one in whom I believed
    Will I slip slowly into insanity
    This isn't the world that I want to see
    Yet still I hunt for my recovery
    Yet in plain view
    Is there nothing left that remains pure and true
    Little eyes that danced as they smiled
    I've been gone from their presence for such a short while
    Maybe it's time to change this lifelong song and my style...