• da_vidthepoet 6w


    Laying here in bed
    As my thoughts begin to wander
    Knowing that I can't control the outcome
    So instead I fill myself with laughter.
    What's a man to do
    If you can't take a minute or two
    To just say that you're ok
    And you'll be home when you are through.
    But instead because of recent events
    Those thoughts try to creep inside my head
    Knowing damn well if things were different
    That somebody would be dead.
    It's not easy being me
    I have to live with the demons I created
    But it's harder when you're not around
    Because I know that life is hated.
    I'm just trying to let it go
    Let me vent a poem or two
    And then I'll be off my soapbox
    I'll be just as good as new.