• asma_siddiqui_diary 5w

    The very first time you uttered my name it sounded like a wind infused with Jasmine. I smelled. And moved with echoes of your voice in my ear drum. A-s-m-a. You took thirteen seconds to pull the four letters. It's okay. I think. Four letter words are dangerous. I mean. Take for example love. Take for example fear. Take for example hate. And the deadliest of all - time.

    I will not ask you to give me wings to reach the place where you are. I know there is a Nile between us. Or a Red sea. You are a garden full of heritage roses and I am a dandelion waiting for wind to grow. I can reach to your place but can't stand equal to you.There is a difference between us. There will always be.

    See. I am not free. I can't afford buckets of freedom in a day. And real freedom to me is the freedom from fear. I know this will take time. I will not break the cage today. I would rather watch a bird flying high in the sky. I will learn. And then I will fly. And I know it will take time.