• odysseyinindia 9w

    I belong to #India and this poem is social reflection of society I live in . Anyway I love my country and it's people .
    #poverty @indianbard #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork #sadtruth

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    Shivering under the cold sky.
    I saw people dying ......
    They don't have blankets to cover their half naked bodies and
    yet we live in a house of cold and warm air conditioning...
    I saw leaders fighting on TV for their gods and
    They say God is one but we all are different .

    I saw a family of 9 die in a shattered house due to hunger ...
    And yet some of us spend 1000 in a Starbucks..
    Its just me or you all felt humanity is dying ...
    Dying...syncs with our inner conscience.
    Thank you