• bhawnabhansali 9w

    Happy children day to every child out there, to the child hidden in every human being trying to find peace among the hustles of adulthood.
    The time of our school life,when our teachers and friends we used to celebrate children's day with,flashes back very nostalgically this day.
    How much love,care,strength,blessings and teachings our teachers had bestowed on us.
    How much lovely and cherisablw is the school age of your life,can never be described enough in words.
    Your school is the only place which feels completely secure,your own and best place to revive every positive vibe.
    Your teachers are the only people who will love and and care for you selflessly, remember your name even after many years of leaving school.
    College life will never be even half memorable as the childhood journey of your school.
    Let the child in ourselves always alive, love every child around spread peace,contentment.
    To the growing children..
    Enjoy your school life as much as you can,love your teachers as much as they love you.
    Probably after years you'll badly miss this time more than you can imagine even.
    Love you St. Marys and my teachers ❤
    Keep your child heart always beating❤✌