• dishani_sarkar 30w

    Lilith- the other side of the story

    We walk together, in this evening to embark on a journey, rambling and cutting through the mist of foggy moor.

    Occult figures?
    Just two Goths, rambling, trying to evade insomnia.

    As the fog grows dense, we are overcome -
    by a sudden strangeness.

    An impending murk rising like a crescendo.
    We could almost sniff something evil in the air;
    Like something vile emanating from a malicious source.

    Is this journey going to be the last one? We don't know.

    Suddenly, we hear footsteps, slowly getting louder as someone, or something, draws near.

    Emerging from the distance a shadow appears and as it comes closer, we get a glimpse of it. We were staring right into the eyes of Death - the eyes of Lilith.

    Me and my sister - we hold on to each other dearly.
    Two Goths? Yes. Without fear? Not sure anymore.

    She extends both her arms for us to take. Suddenly, my sister starts screaming and calling her names saying, "You serpent. Go back to the wasteland you belong to. I will pray to God so that He'll save me. You can never take my soul away. You don't care about the mortals and you prey on innocent children and this ordeal you have to suffer - you deserve it. This is what you get for disobeying God. It is because of you that we mortals suffer so much. "

    I got scared of what all came out of her mouth. Who is this person? Is this my sister whom I have known since I was small? I thought that she was a Goth, a liberal minded person and I couldn't believe what she was saying!
    Lilith flared up in anger and her eyes turned red. I could feel her anger emanating from every inch of her body.
    She said this before taking her away: "Why would I care for the mortals who didn't care for me? What was my mistake? Was it too wrong of me for disobeying God because I was not ready to be subjugated? Did I commit a sin by voicing my wishes and wanting to live a life of dignity and independence? I prey on children because I crave for the mortal life that I was never granted. Is it a sin to be one with our desires? If these are the errors for which I'm condemned, then yes, I have sinned. "

    And as she was about to take me along with her, I cried and said:
    "O mother of eternal sanctum
    I call upon thee
    Hear the mournful song of
    your daughter's misery
    The stains of thine soul
    devours thy mortal flesh
    Upon ethereal shadows I ever
    long to rest
    Thou art's gift of nocturnal
    love upon me you bestow
    the wraith of thy other half
    given the wings of crow
    Lets me scorch into the
    daylight of the naked world of smite
    Where sinful liars dwell and
    hypocrites delight
    A paradise of imagined
    where the serpent waltz with
    the cross
    Thriving in scorns of despair
    for such a foolish cause
    Daring to conceal the yearns
    of the untamed deep within me
    Merely to conform in the
    mundane's paradoxical reality
    Now as I walk in this endless
    sphere untold
    Save me mother Lilith from
    this misery i am bound to behold
    Caress me with eternal
    darkness, save me from the scorching light
    Seize this human shadow as
    death would take its flight."

    And as I closed my eyes, preparing to leave this world, a flash of light forces me to open my eyes. I see her smiling, her eyes brimming with tears. "There's still hope," she says before I'm cast, almost gently, on the heath, leaving me alone in the wood, in the dead of night.