• anthonyr 10w


    Nerves may tremble upon felt, all the way from where it began and through the history of it all. Blocking it you may find, it wasn't being coped with afterall, it was just impassive until unearthed once again. Still the same as when buried. Raw as before and thought to be parted ways.

    Covers stripped off in a moment to reveal and feel shit that was always there in it's burial mound, still grasping to it's life. Sensing, this was actually the start where we first began. Ressurecting what was, into a more matured, evolved form of us. What we identify as.

    Knowing what happened taking the way we did, finding ourself back at a very familar feeling crossroad from the start, visited long ago, where we can now choose the alternate ways we hadn't chosen as a child.

    (Whatever came to mind . Started then kept going )