• irleenda 9w

    To the one who thinks I am someone else.
    Pop that bubble in your head.

    #mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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    Who do you think I am?

    I'm not a mystery,
    I wonder why you think that way
    I'm not like a puzzle to solve,
    I'm not that hard to decode.

    If you will listen sincerely,
    To what I'm trying to say
    You will see the real me,
    I ain't a wonder of the century.

    Sorry to burst your bubble,
    I'm not some kind of waffle
    Whom you can toy with when you're bored
    Or when you're up to something no good.

    I thought you knew me,
    What were you thinking anyway
    I'm just my usual self,
    Not an illusion in your head.