• a_highfunctioning_sociopath 9w

    Theme Lockdown

    This seems like a never ending Summer Vacation
    Of cancelled trips and video calls on occasion;
    With no projects and no homeworks
    And slumbering like a sloth for hours.

    Knowing no way to lose the weight l gained
    Never mind let's follow the Dalgona trend!
    Having made that presentable much
    A chef special dum Biryani for Lunch?

    With digital arts all over the internet,
    Someone had their first try to sketch.
    With dares that seemed so stupid then
    Social media is now flooded with them.

    While some showing amazing photographic skills
    Some remain visiting old memories.
    With her being a few meters away
    Seemed a long distance relationship.

    Playing Loud music on full volume,
    And working out for the calories consumed.
    Glued to our mobile phones and opening the crates
    Netflix and PubG became our constant mates.

    To weary grocery shopping standing in a line
    We all grew impatient but that worked fine
    With the constant recipies for quarantine dine.
    I put that in just to rhyme.

    Hence introspection and retrospection if rightly
    Let's get back to the topic of concern
    Work from home, stay safe and at home.
    And find new ways to strike out boredom.
    _Ashmita Roy