• ashiyanah 6w

    Peer pressure

    It is the biggest problem of today's generation. Nowadays, children specially teenager make a lot of friends and the bond between them is so strong that they started believing them as their family and giving more importance to their friends rather then family. Because of that they follow and imitate many habits, attitudes or behaviour of their friends like how they talk , walk or behave. This creates a bad influence towards every child. They started doing things that they have never done in their whole life but since their friends were doing it then why not you. Sometimes many children started taking drugs, cigarettes, drinks,etc. Just because of peer pressure. But we all have a great misconception that this is the only thing that occurs in peer pressure and many kids realise it and don't allow themselves to do all such things. But peer pressure is a lot more complicated then this. It can be anything for example if your classmates are forcing you to bunk the class with them, in the inner self you can feel something wrong but as you see there is the whole class doing this then what is wrong in this or you may also think that if you will not follow them then they might make fun of you or break the friendship with you. But my friend you should understand that no matter how much great friends you are but if you feel that your friends will make fun of you or break friendship if you don't follow what your friends have asked you to do then believe me you are in a bad circle and going on the wrong path. So, be confident to say no to someone whenever you feel someone is breaking your moral ethics. And always believe in yourself.