• reaperr 10w

    Everyday the sun sets down
    and it brings back the dawn of my heart.
    Why does it weigh so much,
    I still wonder.
    There are memories that come back
    to shatter me from within,
    And I lay fragile without knowing
    When will I find the right cure?
    I look for faces,names and places,
    some moments where this part of mine
    was understood.
    But every time I search for my comfort,
    I hear empty sighs of my heart
    finding just this void around.
    There is no one
    to offer me a hand.
    There is no one
    to hear my cries for help.
    I don't know for how long
    I can pretend to be okay.
    Oh there will soon be a day
    when I will be quoted broken.
    I don't know in what measures,
    but slowly my heart will quit
    Wondering about the person
    who turned off my oxygen,
    Wondering about the moments
    when everything fell apart.
    They say you see your loved ones
    during your last few breaths
    But,even then,
    I might just recite the sad song
    of miserable times,
    Waiting for the death
    to finally get me some peace.

    #life #love #broken #pod #writersnetwork

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