• piperh 9w


    You may not see it at first glance
    But I have a superpower

    My heart is a shape shifter.

    It's spent time as a thick, warm, comforting radiation
    In this state you'd feel a soft heat on your skin if your eyes ever met mine

    Only to be compressed into a thin sheet of blade, visually screaming yet
    Significantly fragile

    It can be a isolated lonesome spectacle, clawing and scratching out of my chest for a conversation. You can't call it. Be cautious

    Sometimes, it glows so raspberry pink I dont even notice when fiery red has engulfed its motives
    Smoke pours out my mouth
    I cannot stop it

    And when that beating furnace inside me finally dimmers..
    A cold shine of green guilt gushes through my insides

    I am sorry

    But the best form my dear heart will make
    You wont even notice it's there

    Because invisibility has never suffered consequences
    Sometimes I wonder

    If maybe that's my gifted heart's true form