• skripture 5w

    Unorganized Reply

    Sometimes I don't deserve the friends I have,
    I feel like I'm constantly letting them down.
    What should be a simple reply to a message,
    I make much more difficult than it sounds.

    I respond so many times in my mind,
    Thinking of what I will write in reply.
    I tell myself I'll message back soon,
    But before I know it a whole day has gone by.

    I'll get to that tomorrow I say,
    It'll be the first thing that I do when I wake.
    But when tomorrow is nearing its end,
    I remember and quickly reply before it's too late.

    I don't deliberately not reply sooner,
    It's more finding a bit of time to do so.
    So often I'm busy doing something,
    Plus my memory doesn't help either though.

    I let friends down who go out of their way,
    To help me out when I need it the most.
    You'd think a simple response wouldn't be that hard,
    But apparently for me it is though.

    My apologies to all my friends old and new,
    Please know that I don't mean to be this way.
    Organization has never been my strong point,
    And I only get more unorganized every day.