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    "Smile through the pain and love unconditionally to the end of eternity in every microsecond."




    stay strong all the mirakeean family..

    "We had a relationship of KINDNESS. "
    He used to call me.. a friend on scholar..
    But he did a lot of readings for my syllabus..
    To help me..

    He just wanted to help the whole world in his last days..
    And he did it with great love ..

    he was the loveliest and the most kind heart..
    We know.
    He is.
    And will always remain..
    In our tough days to give those big paragraphs to stay strong and to make everybody feel special..
    You had that magic ..

    And to laugh with our joys..

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    #humblebee #kehta_hai_joker

    Because my brain still can't believe that you aren't here..
    I'm checking mirakee like everyday as you'll come with your many posts with a single hashtag of the day and the writing contest and
    You'll say like everyday..
    #pod kro naaa

    I know I know, now you'll say..
    Itti senty mat ho humble bee..
    Sab thik hai..

    Sab thik hi toh hai na..
    You knew that Mirakee was my escape to talk with myself... with my words.. being a stranger .. and I used to write every pain here ..without a fear that somebody is reading this..
    Now I'm trying to talk to you here..
    Writing this post and editing lines every other minute..
    The more I'm thinking..the more I'm trying to talk to you..
    I know we are talking..
    And you're reading..

    I can still smile with my tears..
    With every word you said to the mirakeeans..
    With the great energy..
    That you are still giving us to stay and hold strong.
    With your words..
    Are you there?

    Listen to me..
    I didn't read today's newspaper..
    Please help me..
    But Joe.. the way you helped me and everybody here..
    That was precious.. and will stay with all of us forever.
    .. I miss you bchcha..

    I made you laugh..
    When you said.. ki joker mai hu aap kyu hasaa rhe ho..
    I was happy that I could make you smile...
    With my silly hindi shayari...
    And i said.. joker ka humour churaya h mne..
    Thank you for everything..

    Tum vps le gye usey mjsy..
    But I'll keep that too..
    I know I'll always smile with those words..
    But I'll try to hold my smile..
    I'm sorry if I wouldn't be able to hold my tears..
    I'm sorry I won't say sorry again..
    I know you hate sorrys..
    You knew that I have a phobia of social media..
    And when I asked to read my hindi poem..and said that don't repost it.. you still did and said... itta bawaal kyu kr rhi ho humblebee..

    //"Kalam adhuri hogi par likhawat nahi,
    Ache dost hai, likhai bhi achi lagi,
    Kardi repost ..itta bawal kyi kr rhi ho..
    Kyu duniya se itna dar rhi ho..

    And once he wrote a little poem for my dreams..
    Saying ..aapke liy mai likh deta hu

    // "Kuch watan ki chahat thi ..
    Kuch hum bhi deewane the..
    Kuch pitaji ki aarzoo thi..
    Ki kuch taare aasman se chrane the..//


    And you love everybody here..
    Everybody is missing you here ..
    They are broken but your words will make them strong..
    I believe..
    I know you'll still make them happy with your humour wherever you are..
    You'll always be in all hearts.

    Yes, you did a lot to me...
    #upsc you have a big contribution to read those daily
    articles to help me..
    I'm still checking my notification..
    That you'll come and say..
    "Aaj ke topics btao ..me pdhke btata hu jldi jldi..
    And when I say.. it's okay you don't take stress..
    I remember you asking with kindness .
    "Please let me be of help."

    Honestly this line broke my heart at that moment..
    I couldn't handle this much kindness..
    I was just a stranger..
    But you made everybody family here..

    You helped everybody, you know.. to make them smile to have a new life..

    I pray for you..
    Your new peaceful life..
    Rest in peace.
    And as you say..
    Loads of love.❣

    And your favourite tag #readthisJ stay strong bibee.
    Su di, saisha, kinjo di, sparrow women, and I know lot of people you have named with your love.. all names were so touching.. that even your calling used to make me smile... and your _gonewild bhai.. who was always there for you..
    I jusg know them through your posts J..
    And i know every other person you were there to name new everyday.. to spread love everyday..
    We miss you Joker.
    We miss you Joe.
    We miss you hmare Raj kapoor.. kehta_hai_joker
    And all his loved ones brothers, sisters, and all your crushes and you were the crush of most of the girls here I know.. to all of you..please stay strong.. hold yourself..
    Loads of love.❣

    And yes, your letter from the heaven to your Maa/Aai..

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    "He was spreading eternal love in every microsecond through his unbearable pain when hiding his melancholy in his scribbles blending with the humour to disappear in the tears of all the hearts and we promise to smile."