• blood_of_ink 5w


    Getting hurt is valuable. Yes, it is painful. But it has its own beauty. The beauty is relished by those who pass the test of sorrow. When you pass the test, you emerge to be victorious. When a person gets hurt, there are two ways he reacts.

    One way is he lets the pain surpass his own ability. We are capable of everything. We are capable of letting go off. But the one who thinks pain is greater than their own ability to move on and start over gets stuck into the prison of pang.

    The other way is, he believes in himself. He believes that no pain is greater than his ability to feel happy and start over again. Such a person, chalks out different ways to overcome the pain. He patiently embraces his inner confidence. Then, he finds out healthy ways to add value to his life. It takes time, but he finally passes the phase, thus emerging as a self reliant person. He passes the test.

    Pain is indeed hard to survive. Pain is nothing but a phase. It is not meant to last forever. It is meant to reinforce you. Let pain be your strength not weakness.