• bey5151 6w


    My God...
    In silence I keep burning your fire
    Although I often bend but return upright

    My God...
    In motion I was blown away by your wind.
    Even though all the memories are stained, I still call your name there.

    My God...
    In the evening I follow your river
    Even though my candlelight flicker is so small
    Get lost in the dark forest and fall
    But your life's water still cleans me.

    My God...
    In the trick of the sun I keep bowing to the earth
    Even though I decorated this head with dirt
    But the dust fell on me.

    My God...
    I'm out of shape.
    My God...
    I'm the guest who lost the door.

    But my God...
    I will not let go of my heart
    Because it's the palace of your love