• soundaryaanand 5w

    I'm tired of these feelings
    I'm tired of being alone
    I fell in love with you in spring
    Still, the feeling of autumn reigns in my mind

    You can hide your love in a snowman
    Where will you hide?
    If you don't love yourself
    Who will come to find you?

    I can't be an option for you,like you hug a pillow
    Between the sun and the earth
    We meet people for many reasons
    Yet we do not share love

    I must tell you
    How i feel about you?
    Will you come to complete yourself?
    Will you ever be my winter blanket?

    I'm not broken,Nor am I falling
    You haven't shared your love yet
    Will you become the moonlight?
    I want to become your sunshine
    .........I will not give you another chance........