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    Ways to put words in some good manner.

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    Hey, I love you don't forget to smile,
    Let me tell you the fact your arrival is the beautiful phase of my life,
    You make me proud of being me,
    You make me feel like I'm in some dream,
    I told you many times,
    my world revolves around you,
    Cause you treat me right and I can count on you,
    I want to treat you like you deserve,
    Call me selfish,
    but I want to give you every single happiness of this world,
    I want to understand the way you do,
    But I somehow ended in creating chaos between me and you,
    You know I'm also tired of being like this,
    The one who always create a mess,
    The one who always hurt you like this,
    But baby, one thing that will never gonna change,
    That is my stupid heart which will love you like insane.