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    *Gender equality doesn't mean that boys and girls are same.. It means, every individual deserves equal opportunity irrespective of being a boy or girl or transgender..
    *Women safety doesn't mean pink bus, pink auto..
    It means self defense training and self belief boosting environment..
    *Feminism doesn't mean girls are superior to boys.. It means simply that female are not inferior to male counterparts..
    *Respecting women doesn't mean worshipping or bow down to them, or don't look at them.. It means you should respect their thoughts and ideas just like you would consider yours..
    *Sexual assault doesn't mean a male assaulted a female.. Boys can be assaulted too; may be by females, may be by males.. And again it has nothing to do with the victim.. It is purely sin committed by the offender..
    *Ideal man doesn't mean well educated, highly paid, strong, never hurt by anything or anyone, masculine body.. It means a man who is courageous enough to be himself, who is loving and caring, who is a true human whose heart aches watching someone suffering.. Boys have also human body and heart, they can be hurt mentally and physically..
    *Gays and lesbians are not diseased people.. They are not mentally challenged.. They are simply human beings with different choices..
    *Alcoholic doesn't mean characterless.. Alcoholic is a simple english word that means who consumes so much alcohol which is bad for health not for character .. Neither it is cool.. Moreover, it doesn't imply to a particular gender..

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