• karanika 23w

    When I'm Gone

    To the person who says he loves me,

    May be someday I will be gone,
    May be someday I will transcend the boundaries
    Of this illusion called "life".
    But darling, I fear not death
    I fear not perishing;
    But the nightmare of losing your love, petrifies me.
    The notion of seeing you smile with someone else,
    Gives an awkward torment in my heart.

    May be someday I'll be gone.
    But will you still adore me the way you do now?
    Will you still say I've got the best smile?
    Will you still take out an hour for me?
    Cause love, I'll still be waiting for you.

    May be someday I'll be gone.
    But will you still feel the touch of my palm,
    Or will you race to find another beauty?
    Will you still feel my lips kissing yours,
    Or will you rush to look for fresh pleasure?
    Will you still praise my eyes,
    Or will you be drowned in another pair?
    Will you still say you're beside me?
    Cause love, resting in peace is not possible without your love.

    May be someday I'll be gone.
    But you won't be alone.
    The corner of the street will remind you of me,
    The long pillow on your bed will remind you of me.
    The locked folder of your phone,
    Will remind you of me.

    Darling, will you still say "it's forever"
    When I am gone?